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zarnam persian aria

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Zernam Persian Aria Company
With decades of experience in domestic and foreign trade and commerce and a well-known name in the field of food and raw materials production and import of various inputs of animal feed and virgin oil and livestock and foreign rice, especially long grain, Indian beans and nuts. Etc.
Trading in inputs, petrochemicals, petroleum derivatives, meat and protein.
Subsidiaries Including Kimia Bahar Sadra Company (kbs) in Export and Import Affairs www.kbs-co.ir
Andisheh Nou Co. Design and Implementation of Building and Commerce in All Businesses at Home and Abroad www.andisheno.com
Spain’s Al-Maskat Company – City of Madrid in Finance and Investment in the Country and Abroad www.moshkat.com
Managing Director: Asgari Nia Cell: 09121970528


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